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  1. Hi! It would be wonderful if the weekend’s activities and schedule was in printable form, so we can highlight our preferences and make appropriate arrangements easier, at leisure. Can’t wait! :-)

  2. Ellen Reid says:

    This is SO exciting! I’m coming in early and staying overnight so I can go to EVERYTHING!

  3. I read that judging is still in progress, but how will you make notification of authors not selected, nominated, finalists and winners in the various categories. Will you make individual notifications or are you listing on a website (can you give me url?)

  4. Joseph Dowdy says:

    We will notify authors directly AND we will also do press releases and post finalist notifications/designations on the site.

  5. Beth Barany says:

    Hi Joseph, When will you be notifying winners and others of the winners? Thanks!

    • Joseph Dowdy says:

      We will notify finalists as they are announced by email and on this site and press release. We will announce winners on August 20th.

  6. This is really exciting! I look forward to coming to the award banquet. I’m confused, though. How do we determine if we’re nominated? Thanks, Joseph!

    • Joseph Dowdy says:

      If your book is on the site, you’re nominated. Also, you will be notified, but I have to do a few other things before notifying the last batch of nominees. Finalists will be notified.

  7. mickie downend says:


  8. Gary Lesser says:

    Hi Joe. Will the awards ceremony be viewable at this link on Saturday for those that can not join you in lovely Santa Barbara?

  9. Lisa Riebe says:

    Can’t wait to view the awards…in Illinois and can’t get to Santa Barbara Saturday :-(

  10. I’m sorry that since I live in PA, I will not be able to attend. Our grandson, however, attends the Santa Barbara City College – so if he’s on campus, he will try to attend the award ceremonies. I’ve made sure he knows about it!! (I will attend virtually. Do we go to this link for that? (http://awardsforebooks.com/awards-ceremony-2011/)

    Thank you for providing this opportunity to eBook authors. I am honored to have been included.

  11. Joseph Dowdy says:

    We are working on it.

    • Sara Marie Hogg says:

      Congratulations to Terry Marshall, author of Soda Springs for the WIN, in Best Illustration, FICTION from Sara Marie Hogg, author of Blade Chatter!

  12. I wish I could attend, but I’ll already be at a scheduled book signing. I’m happy to be a finalist!

  13. LaVerne says:


    I am so happy to hear we will be able to view the awards at this link on Saturday. Again, thanks so much for the honor of being a part of this event. Thanks for all your guidance and for the time you and the entire team sacrifice to help us become better at what we love….writing.

    Congrats in advance to all the final winners!

  14. It’s five minutes after. I can’t find anything on the page leading to the live webcast. Am I overlooking something? Thankx so much for your help.

  15. I am unable to attend the awards, but would like to watch via live webcast. I have been unable to find any information on how to connect. It is late, but if you get a chance please email me with the link.


  16. Just read your explanation. You must be over the limit as I can’t view it on this page. May I ask where you will post the winners, and when? Thankx again.

  17. Donna McDine says:

    Bummer, I can’t view the live telecast.

    Good luck one and all!

    Can’t wait for the blog posting tomorrow!

    Best wishes,
    Donna McDine

    Write What Inspires You Blog
    The Golden Pathway Story book Blog
    Donna M. McDine’s Website

  18. Is there a list of winners by category somewhere on this web site? Thank you.

  19. I’m SO honored to win in the category Writing/Publishing Non-Fiction. Thankx to everyone who worked so hard for these awards and on this site, and of course each and every author!

  20. Samantha Combs says:

    Well that was worth waiting for. Thank you for voting me, and my book Spellbound, the winner in the Speculative Fiction – Fantasy category. I can’t wait to enter next year!

  21. Thank you for posting this so soon, and on a Sunday, too. Congratulations to all the winners.

  22. Lisa Riebe says:

    WOW! I think I actually won something…I’m hoping that’s what it means if you have the gold seal by your title. Congrats to everybody!

  23. Lisa Riebe says:

    I like the presentation slide. You don’t know who the winner is until you read the titles and click the next button. Cool! Kinda like the awards on t.v.

    • Joseph Dowdy says:

      Thanks, Lisa. I did that for the exact same reason you mention. We did this on stage and it worked well to do it this way.

  24. [...] Help! What Do I Do Now? Caring for Your Loved One with Alzheimer’s won the Parenting/Family – Nonfiction category in the Global eBook Awards. [...]

  25. Sheila Deeth says:

    I love the way you’ve presented this. I really enjoyed going through the slides. And I really enjoyed being a part of this. Thank you!

  26. Sara Marie Hogg says:

    Congratulations to J.K. Swift, author of Kappa Hunter for the WIN in Short Stories, Fiction from Sara Marie Hogg, author of Blade Chatter!

  27. Lisa Riebe says:

    To Nancy Nicholson: You celebrate and market that little seal all you can! Congrats!

  28. Now that the awards ceremony is over, is there a list of the winner somewhere (aside from the slideshow)? My publisher is asking for a link, and I need one for the press release. Not everyone will want to go through the whole ceremony for specific information.

    Karina Fabian

  29. I am thrilled to have been nominated in Relationships!

    The subtitle of This Path We Share is actually Reflecting on 60 Years of Marriage, although I love the subtitle you have given it – Beating the Odds. Obviously, either one tells the story. Next month we will celebrate our 63rd anniversary.

  30. Congratulations to all the winners ! I wish you well !
    Just entering the award was an honor.

  31. A big “Thank you” to Dan & Joe for your hard work and for recognizing e-book authors! Also, thank you for your nomination in the poetry category! MaryAnne Beyer-Tweed, author of “Heart Reflections and Other Love Beads”

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