When do I upload my ebook? When do you want it?

We don’t ask you to upload your ebook for several reasons. One is that we don’t want a folder on a server that has a bunch of books in it. If we got hacked, then we’d be in big trouble, right? At least that was the original idea.

And then it dawned on me, what if we just had the authors and self-publishers and entrants email their ebook directly to the judges using a proxy email address (such as cookbook@globalebookawards.com)? This would save the trouble of downloading the ebook, storing it (it can’t get hacked if it’s not stored) and then turning around and uploading it and addressing it to the judges.

It just made a bunch more sense to do it this way; fewer moving parts.

When we have all the judges in place, we will contact you and let you know when and where to email your ebook.

What years are eligible?

Ordinarily, only eBooks published in the past year would be eligible for entry. But this is the first year of the Global eBook Awards. There are many eBooks from the past that deserve the opportunity to be recognized, evaluated, and honored. We do not want earlier eBooks to be overlooked or ignored. Therefore, eBooks from the past are eligible.

The cutoff date is July 1, 2011. An eBook with a copyright date of 2011 or earlier that was offered to sale on a website prior to July 1, 2011 is eligible. Next year, eBooks will have to have been released in the previous year (only).

In the future, revised editions, with a recent copyright or release date, will be eligible. Revised editions are normally marked on the copyright page, such as “Copyright 2011, Revised.”

Revised editions are considered by the publishing industry to be new books (they usually have new ISBNs). Larger publishers rarely release revisions. They do not want to put the updated book through their (slow and expensive) 18-month production process. Smaller publishers have been keeping their books up-to-date for years. For example, Dan Poynter’s Self-Publishing Manual is in its 16th revised edition, 24th printing, since 1979.

A revised book is a successful book because it has sold well enough to be updated and invested in again. It is a brand new book—with a track record. A winner in the marketplace; it deserves to be recognized by awards.


29 Responses to FAQs

  1. How do I transfer my book to an ebook?
    Can I sell my book from my home? It is available on Amazon.

    • Joseph Dowdy says:

      Hi Lawson,

      Thanks for posting your question here on how to transfer (convert) your book to an ebook.

      If you have the rights to do so (if you are self-published or have a contract with a publisher allowing you to do so), you can utilize any of the resources we have listed on our Conversion Services Resource page.

      Once you have it converted to an ebook and it’s for sale, please consider entering your ebook in our contest!!

      Joseph Dowdy, Director
      Dan Poynter’s Global eBook Awards

  2. How will you and your judges get a copy of my eBook, BORN TO SING? Will you buy one from the publisher or amazon.com? I saw nothing in the Apply procedure that allowed me to email you a copy of my eBook.

    • Joseph Dowdy says:

      Donna, there are actually a few places where it talks about this, but I’m glad that you are posting this here. I’ll update the FAQ to reflect this information. It’s quite simple: We don’t want to store your ebooks. When we have the judges lined up, we will contact you when they are ready to read your ebook and you will email it to a proxy address (something like cookbooks@globalebookawards.com) and they will get your ebook. I hope that makes sense. It’s just much more work to have us receive your ebook, download your ebook, upload and then send your ebook; why do that when it’s not necessary?

  3. Hello! I’m wondering about the timeline from entry to notification of acceptance. If it’s posted & I’m missing it, I apologize in advance. Are we talking a week or three or what period of time after application and payment are made will we learn our eBook is accepted? Thanks!

  4. Mary Deal says:

    With money being tight for everyone in the country, if a person wins but can’t afford to travel a great distance to the awards celebration, would that disqualify the win? How will you handle winners who cannot afford expensive airline travel? Thank you.

    • Joseph Dowdy says:

      A winner is a winner. Even at the Academy Awards, a winner may be filming somewhere on the other side of the world and still receive their award. If they can’t be there, it is not going to disqualify them in any way.

  5. Mary Deal says:

    Another question: How is it that when I wanted to add in my book synopsis, the window only took a very brief paragraph and I could go no further. Now, when I look at other books entered and read their synopses, I see lengthy paragraphs – something I had hoped for, or at least a little more detail. Thank you again.

  6. Thank you Dan Poynter for introducing this contest! I have the same question as Mary. I can only put a very brief description in the box that says ebook sales copy or description. I had hoped to paste in a review/testimonial that’s not on the Amazon page along with my book description but all I have room for is a very brief description of the ebook. The space seems too short for ebook sales copy.

    • Joseph Dowdy says:

      It’s actually quite a big space. You should be able to paste a large amount into the space. However, you can later (when your ebook is nominated), add as much content as you want. Thousands of words, in fact. People won’t see your copy until then anyway.

      By the way, I’m also changing up the entry form soon.

  7. One other question — I think I may have left off a couple words in the ebook description. Is there a way to edit my entry? Thanks so much for your help!

  8. Duke Sharp says:

    Is a book that’s available as a PDF an ‘eBook’?

  9. Hello. I would like to know how to upload a video clip on to my ebook homepage.

    • Joseph Dowdy says:

      If your ebook has been nominated, you can copy/paste the code from YouTube or other video sharing sites and we provide instructions for you to do that, but again, that’s after you are nominated. If you’ve been nominated and you can’t find the information we sent on how to do this, please let me know and I’ll email it to you.

      • Barbara Mitchell says:

        Yes. I have been nominated but need the instructions for posting a video to ebook page. Please resend. Thanks.

  10. Ron Fritsch says:

    Where do I get my stickers for my website, etc.?

  11. I have submitted my entry and paid for the contest – received an acknowledgement in my email. However, please clarify how to upload the ebook.

  12. J.M. Surra says:

    How will we know when our book has been nominated? Will we be notified?
    Thanks. J.M.

    • Joseph Dowdy says:

      It can take a few days to process hundreds of entries for nomination. It can take up to two weeks, but as the contest is closing, we are working on getting all of them as up-to-date as possible.

  13. Carol says:

    How can we verify that our PDF has been received?

  14. J.M. Surra says:

    If I’m correct on this, once it has been established that we do indeed have everything in place such as our competing book (our entry) for sale online, then we are accepted into the competition and that means we are nominated.

    If I’m wrong about that, let me know.


  15. Lorii says:

    When will all the finalists be anounced?

    • Joseph Dowdy says:

      All authors should wait until they receive an email regarding finalists announcements. Otherwise, please wait while we work.

  16. I don’t understand. Are there not finalists in each category? How do we see the finalist list? It would be helpful if everyone could receive an email saying finalist or not finalist. At present, non-finalists are left wondering if a finalist email is lost in the ether.

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