MINITRENDS provides a practical formula for extracting business opportunities from emerging trends that have a realistic chance of becoming profitable in the next 2-5 years. Minitrends are of a scope and importance to offer attractive business opportunities to individuals and organizations that are alert enough to recognize them, perceptive enough to appreciate them, and clever enough to take advantage of them.

Readers learn:

• How and where to search for Minitrends
• How to evaluate the business attractiveness of a Minitrend
• How to develop an effective Minitrend Exploitation Scheme
• How to turn the scheme into a profitable business opportunity

Based on author Dr. John H. Vanston’s more than 30 years of experience in identifying and applying technical, social, and business trends, the book shows:

• Individual entrepreneurs how to identify, assess, and exploit new business opportunities
• Decision makers in small and mid-size businesses how to gain advantage by recognizing and utilizing emerging trends
• Innovative thinkers in large businesses how to distinguish themselves by their special perceptiveness
• Investors how to uncover attractive new investment opportunities

In addition to how-to advice, MINITRENDS provides background, current trends, and business opportunities for several attractive Minitrends.

Combining advice, instructions, and examples, MINITRENDS assists readers in launching their own exciting, profitable “Minitrend Adventure” using their imagination, logic, innovative nature, and basic good sense. This book is an amazing resource for ambitious individuals who seek to start new ventures or to keep existing businesses innovative and competitive.

An Eric Hoffer Business Book Award Winner — “The ability to capitalize on newly emerging business trends is the premise of this book. There are ‘Minitrends’ all around us, defined as those that ‘promise to become significantly important within the next two to five years.’ …By reading this book, you will learn how to take hold of these opportunities, overcome common obstacles, and ultimately profit from Minitrends.”
— The Eric Hoffer Project

ForeWord Reviews’ Book of Year Award Finalist — “Vanston has the ability to discuss minitrends conceptually, as well as describe specifically how the reader can discover and potentially profit from them. The author’s enthusiasm for the subject is infectious, and readers looking for new business opportunities are likely to share that enthusiasm. This is a book that should inspire many readers to take action.”
–ForeWord Reviews

“Vanston’s company, Technology Futures, has been making predictions about technology and business trends since 1978. Here, he describes how individual entrepreneurs, as well as companies, can find and exploit ‘Minitrends’–small trends (not yet recognized by the public) that have the potential to grow. In five sections, he describes them and where they can be researched, lists a few he thinks have promise (such as providing facilities for growing numbers of freelance workers), and concludes with methods for developing products and services that exploit these trends. …This title offers a new take on possible product development and investment avenues…”
–Library Journal

“A 189-page do-it-yourself guide to the early identification of those emerging developments that eventually become the next big things.”
–The Futurist

“This book spotlights specific “Minitrends” and trains people how to recognize them and take advantage of related job opportunities.”
–Yahoo News

“MINITRENDS should quickly become a-if not the-standard work for the futurist’s search for business opportunities.”
–Joseph Coates, Foresight Network’s Futurist of the Year

“I first heard John Vanston speak in 1994. His insights into the emerging Internet technologies were pivotal in shaping my own view and interest in pursuing their application to the larger challenges we now face globally. MINITRENDS continues this work, with insights, lessons, and cases that are relevant and provocative. I highly recommend this book.”
–Dave Evans, Author, Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day

“For the individual who wants to improve their personal finances, this volume proceeds from the process of searching for a Minitrend to developing an exploitation scheme.” –Book News (Annotation©2011 Book News Inc. Portland, OR)
“MINITRENDS presents a set of practical-but-powerful tools and mindsets…HEROIC!”
–David Pearce Snyder, Strategic Forecaster, Contributing Editor, The Futurist

I think MINITRENDS is a good book that’s definitely worth reading by anyone who wants to understand where things are going and what they have to do to get there.
–Michael Lamoureux, aka the doctor, Sourcing Innovation

I’d recommend this book to anyone looking to find a niche to call their own when it comes to business opportunities. Once you get into the mindset of looking for these minitrends, these unfulfilled and unaddressed needs, you find that everything you read and listen to starts to take on a whole new meaning.”
–Thomas “Duffbert” Duff, Duffbert’s Random Musings

MINITRENDS leads list of “Six Science Books for the Holiday Season”!
–David Bradley, ScienceBase

“Packed with usable ‘how to’ information and real life examples about how to find Minitrends and take action to prosper from them. … I’m very excited about this book.
–Terry B. Newman, Assistant Vice President, Graduate School, University of Texas at Austin

“MINITRENDS is a wonderful book to help people turn on their inner investor ear. As a banker, I see this book as a useful tool to help individuals gain more wealth, thus having more capital to live better lives.”
–Tanisha Walter, Banking Center Manager, Bank of America

“MINITRENDS is one of the most important books for technology entrepreneurs written in the last decade. With diligent attention to processes and trends, it provides a specific set of factors that entrepreneurs should consider in order to maximize the opportunity for success in the marketplace.”
–Augie Grant, Ph.D, Professor, University of South Carolina

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