This feel-good relationship, romance, and love educational novel revolved around two sexology professors Sanguine, an anatomically remarkable man (age 55) and Prial, a normal man (age 47). Both were conducting research in their field of sexology with medical clinics in Hilo, Hawaii; Palm Springs, California; and Lake Tahoe, Nevada. They have been investigating and studying the effects of improbable and unusual sexual experiences and pleasures, on their students’ relationships with their future partners.
The Sexology Research Project commenced with their last student, Lyne, a divorced thirty-six year old woman from Alabama since the professors’ program was terminating after twenty years of research. The plot revolves around Lyne, who requested participation in the research project because she was searching for reasons and solutions to her emotional, sexual, and relationship challenges which led to her divorce after eight years of marriage. After Lyne completes her course, the story continued with their first student, a single forty year old woman from Ohio, now an extremely successful business owner, named Lois, who completed the program twenty years prior. The program saved her life from the degradation of her than homeless life style of poverty, sex, and drugs. The other two females were a female sexology professor, Susan (age 30) who is working in all the professors’ clinics and a marine biology professor, Ingrid (age 34) from Iceland. Both female professors are the long-term girlfriends of one of the male sexology professors. The four girls were similar in age. Marital status was single or divorced. College educated from different universities and with vastly different personal backgrounds. They had different economic backgrounds with one immensely wealthy, one well off, two from lower-middle class, and all with dissimilar professional careers.
All four women have decidedly different sexual knowledge, and dissimilar life experiences. Each research student took an intensive sexual course for approximately four weeks with the story primarily around the last student’s detailed sexual learning, mental and emotional readjustments, and involvement and training with the two professors in most aspects of normal and deviant sexual play along with her sexual and emotional interactions with the other three women.
Lois returned to Hawaii to meet Lyne, the last of the two hundred students to pass through the research program. Lois and Lyne were the only students to have ever discussed the program and their personal life experiences with another student, and while there, Lois discovered a twenty-year injustice that she and Professor Sanguine did unknowingly to Professor Prial. It caused Lois immense personal grief, severe physical hardship, and emotional turmoil to accept what she did, and how she was going to reconcile the terrible wrong she committed.
Lois became close and intimate friends with all three girls, now calling, themselves The Four Musketeers and all started to do everything together and developed a strong physical, emotional, and mental unbreakable bond between them. Lyne, Susan, and Ingrid left Hawaii for the mainland to go back to work with Lyne finalizing her return to Hawaii. Susan went to Palm Springs to work in the professors’ clinic, and Ingrid travelled back to the United Nations to sign her new research contract, and then back to Iceland and the University of Iceland before returning to Hawaii to begin teaching marine biology at the University of Hawaii. Lois left a month later for Cleveland, her home, and returned to running her billion dollar clothes and furniture distribution and real estate companies, and pregnant with Professor Sanguine’s child.
All the musketeers returned to Hawaii; worked or traveled for their separate jobs, settled down with the two professors as their “wife-whores,” brought forth many children, and successfully maintained professional careers. The six main characters in the novel worked at having a rewarding and fulfilling future with all the trials and tribulations that they had to resolve and settle, while living both their individual and personal lives together as a cohesive family group.

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