Devoted Sisters

On April 11, 2011, in Mystery/Suspense/Thriller - Fiction, by Alison_Buck
Devoted Sisters

Devoted Sisters by Alison Buck

Elderly sisters Lizzie and May live quiet, ordered lives in the house in which they were born; their self-imposed seclusion and the unchanging predictability of their lives shielding them from the changing world beyond.

But the day comes when this protective isolation is broken; the world outside forces its way in. A stranger appears, unsettling them, bringing with him the threat of danger, upheaval and violence.

Fearful and alone, with all semblance of comforting routine wrenched from them, Lizzie and May are driven to desperation. Dark memories emerge from their buried past as the sisters gradually slip from reason into their own confused realities, within which even their former carefully regulated world seems only a distant memory.

“Alison Buck is an exciting and strong new voice in modern fiction. Although her stories feature powerful insights and express a female perspective on important issues and concerns, they successfully speak to readers of all genders, ages and beliefs. Dark, psychological drama, mixed with wit and delivered with a light touch that makes you care about the hopes and dreams of her characters.

Although, as a rule, she concerns herself with apparently quite normal, everyday characters, populating what appear to be quite normal and everyday surroundings, the events and dangers they encounter soon draw them away from the commonplace and lead them inexorably towards often frightening and sometimes bloody outcomes.

Alison’s can be very dark, unsettling tales.”

Originally published in paperback, Devoted Sisters is now available as an ePub from Kobo and in a Kindle edition from amazon

Reviews for the paperback edition from include:

“Tantalisingly terrifying. In considering the title and ending together, the reader is led carefully by the all-seeing narrator to a traumatically tragic climax which memorably depicts one of the finest examples of irony in modern fiction. Fate conspires to mould the lives of two elderly women, inextricably. The ties that bind them secrete a bitter, indigestible gall with heartbreaking consequences. This was a novel whose message moved me immensely: how sad that individuals have such enormous difficulty in communicating effectively. Alison Buck’s message is indeed a timeless one as its tragic effects are evident worlwide. Read it to explore and expand your own communication boundaries.”

“A brilliant new talent had emerged with the publication of this first book by Alison Buck. Brilliantly written, she draws you into the world of two women who’s well ordered lives slip from routine into confusion with disastrous consequences. All so plausible and well written, the book leads you chapter by chapter through their worlds to the dramatic and unexpected ending. I couldn’t put it down until I finished and I am looking forward to the next novel!”

Review for the kindle edition from

“Having read this as a paperback I was glad to see it arrive in kindle format at very affordable price. Alison Buck is virtually unknown, her first two books were published in paperback in the UK by a small independent publisher with limited marketing budget so they never appeared in the big retail chains and didn’t make it across the Atlantic except on special order. I had a personal recommendation and decided to risk it. I’m glad I did. I have loved both of her books and am waiting with bated breath for the next one (publication of which has been delayed unfortunately). Devoted Sisters was her first title.

It’s a psychological drama of two elderly sisters in their twilight years who are losing their grip on reality. Okay, it sounds a bit twee and appears on the surface to be a gentle tale, but believe me it gets progressively more tense and has a surprising, even shocking, ending which is obviously inevitable after the event (all the clues were there) but still takes you by surprise (I won’t spoil it by saying any more). Wonderful. Like an Agatha Christie novel you definitely mustn’t read the last page early!

Give this a try you won’t regret it.”

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