The four dragon lords of Oleskia lay in slumber after their ravaging of the world. Who are the four dragon lords and will they be awakened from their sleep? The wars rage throughout the country as the struggle for the destiny of the lands of Oleskia lay in the balance. Can the dragon lords be summoned to help in time or will evil conquer once more? Dragons still exist on the world of Oleskia, far to the North on a continent untouched by any race of mortal being they sleep. The world of transition goes on; dragons have passed into myth, a story for a child at bedtime. The dwarf lord of Thazdulrene has been told of their rumored existence, so despite not having an encounter with one in over fifteen hundred years the dwarven people still hold the possibility the age of the ravaging dragons could return. Every calamity seems to come from underground and the dwarves always have the misfortune of being on the front line of every war. Another less stout people would have passed into extinction long ago. The dragons sleep, fifteen hundred years ago Zangoath who is the true lord of evil, also the master and creator of this current ages dark lord his protege Zangonath created a spell using the fog crystal rending one of the invisible worlds and extracting only dark energies using them to control the minds of the four dragon lords through the murkiness of the fog crystal. Directing them to ravage the lands of the world, Zangoath had no concern for the people, not even as slave labor. He only wanted power, power over the dragons and secondly power to remake the world his kingdom for unspeakable evil, so he could own all. Learn the secrets of the four dragons.



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