Slums of Paradise

On April 9, 2011, in Spiritual/Metaphysical - Fiction, by D_Jason_Cooper

In the not too distant future, myths, legends and the existence of God have all been proven as scientific fact. Vampires are on the rampage, killing anyone who is foolish enough to be outdoors after dark.

Pope Antioch III has had enough, and vows to do something about it. He wants to create the perfect vampire hunter, a vampire, yet not a vampire, for the man who becomes the vampire hunter, is like them, but yet not like them. He has the strength and power of his prey, but little of their weakness, he can survive sunlight and does not succumb to so many cravings for blood.

There are those that oppose the pope and his new instrument against the vampires, conspirators abound, how will they ever know whom to trust?

This is certainly one of the most different vampire novels I’ve come across, blending elements of mysticism, religion, horror and science fiction to create a unique blend. There’s even a bit of romance and adventure in there too. Each genre has a place in the whole, nothing feels as if it was tacked on without reason.

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