This book is for everyone who dreams of finding a soul mate, ditching a job, and sailing off into the sunset—or for those more practical types who’d rather just read about it!

Right Now Is Perfect: A Romance, An Adventure, The Unexpected Thereafter

Book Award Winner NCPA 2011

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A woman falls in love with a charismatic free spirit. When he invites her to realize a lifelong dream of sailing across the Pacific, she heeds the call of romance, throws caution to the wind and leaves her well-established career behind. The story of an imperfect romance on a crowded sailboat unfolds as the four-person crew sails among the beautiful, isolated islands of the South Pacific.
The Marquesas, Tuamotos, and Society Islands of French Polynesia, the Cook Islands, American Samoa, Samoa, Fiji and New Zealand are the landfalls you’ll discover along the way.
But that’s not all! The story moves to the west coast of America and Mexico as the two sailors re-adjust to life on land. Will their love affair survive? Just when it seems it might, an unexpected development throws everything into question.

Carol Ryan, author of 'Right Now Is Perfect'

Author Bio

Carol Ryan always wanted to be an anthropologist and/or travel writer, but to actually earn a living she decided on a career in Information Technology. She pursued her other interests by traveling extensively whenever possible. One of her last traveling adventures is the basis for her memoir, Right Now Is Perfect. That story concludes with an unexpected diagnosis of primary progressive multiple sclerosis and the impact of progressing disability. She lives in Northern California with her faithful companion, Napoleon.

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Sample from Right Now Is Perfect the end of Chapter Five —

Warm Water Wonders

 One night the blanket on Bill’s chest rose and fell with the rhythm of the sea. He was asleep on the bench beside me, and the others were snoozing below deck. The first few stormy days of the passage had been exhausting. Now the sea was calm, and the boat rocked like a giant bassinet. It would be a struggle to stay awake until midnight when my shift ended.

I stood at the wheel and scanned the horizon. It was the first time I was on watch while everyone slept, and the feelings of responsibility and power competed in my mind like twins on a teetertotter. My goal was to keep the boat on course and out of trouble. I needed to keep a lookout for weather, other boats, anything that signaled a change: sounds, smells, a wind shift on my cheek. I could awaken Bill if I needed to, but I was alone and in charge.

I stood at the wheel, and as clouds dissipated, the sky became clear. There was no moon, but I saw thousands more stars than ever before. They were not only white and golden but pale green, blue, and rose—some were planets. Several satellites, like tiny silver snails, spied their way across the sky.

I glanced into the water near the boat and for a heartbeat or two felt a wave of panic roll through my body. The horizon was gone. The sky was reflected in the water. Glowing things were the size and color of stars. But on closer inspection, the whole underwater food chain lit up. Various-shaped creatures from crumb size to picnic-table size were moving and glowing. It was bioluminescence gone wild. The stars above and the life below surrounded the boat, making me dizzy with enchantment. I was queen of the universe, piloting my spaceship toward the distant galaxy of the Marquesas, with the crew asleep until the next watch.


Right Now Is Perfect: A Romance, An Adventure, The Unexpected Thereafter

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