Gary Bronga is the author of the book Bringing a Product to Market From Your Home. The book is based on his first-hand, been-there-done-that experiences. He started a company with an idea, a computer and $500. To date, he has sold over 3-million CLIPEZE Badge Holders. They are sold in over 1,100 retail stores and catalogs around the world. For more information go to or

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REAL information for the start up business, June 5, 2010 Victoria Powell

I met Mr. Bronga at a conference a few years ago and he was gracious enough to share a few thoughts and ideas with me regarding a product I wanted to produce. He told me of inventor clubs and prototype makers (who knew such things existed??) I was so excited to see he had now written a book; a book which is chock full of great information for the entrepreneur. If you have a great idea bouncing around in your head you need to get this book.

When I met Mr. Bronga I knew he was the creator and inventor of CLIPEZE, however I did not realize that his product was the same one I had purchased for years as a nurse!! His book explained his marketing concepts and I finally realized it was one in the same.

In “Bringing a Product to Market from Your Home,” Mr. Bronga shares comprehensive information for anyone wishing to create a new product for sale. He explains the niche market concept and why it is particularly a good start.

The book is written in a clear, no-nonsense, conversational style and you feel he is sitting alongside of you, providing you with good advice and encouragement. He explains the reasons for working from home to help insure success as well as when and how to expand. Bronga provides real life insight into the business such as the long hours, the tedious details, and provides free information that he gathered from his tireless research. He did the work for you. He even provides information on how do to things that I never dreamed were required.

There are tons of business books out there, but Mr. Bronga shares the good, the bad, and the ugly. He doesn’t tell you it will all be easy; rather he gives a glimpse into the real life world of this business and the ups and downs that come with it. He even provides a look into the psychological side of running your own business.

I highly recommend Mr. Bronga’s book for anyone with an idea they want to produce and market. Put this one on your must have list before you waste tons of time and money on research Bronga as done for you.

Bringing a Product to Market”: achieving the American Dream in easy, bite-sized steps, May 27, 2010

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By S. Maxwell “OhStacy!” (CT USA) –

Think that thingamajig can generate loads of mullah so you can retire, live under the palm trees somewhere and do nothing more vigorous than slurp pina coladas all day? Dream on! “Bringing a Product to Market from Your Home” is a complete road-map for entrepreneurial types to venture out on a pathway to success, but what author Gary R. Bronga makes clear is that owning your own business is not for the faint-hearted man or woman.

Fortunately, Mr. Bronga provides a comprehensive manual for anyone who has ever dreamed of creating and selling a contraption from an invention’s conception to its introduction to the consumer market and beyond. The author’s approach is thorough. He does not leave any step for success up to the imagination. He gives us facts, figures, a look at the psychological side of business and actual business forms to use. He even goes into things like predicting next year’s hot color!

I particularly love Mr. Bronga’s get-up-and-smell the coffee style. How’s this for direct? “We live in a rip-off or knock-off society, and most successful products will be copied at a later date, regardless of whether or not they have patent protection.”
Or this:
“There is also a hard-to-explain phenomenon in this country. People love the underdog. They do love to see a small guy succeed, but they also love to tear down the large industrial giant or market leader. At times, jealousy comes into play.”

Best of all, Mr. Bronga’s chitchat style of writing is clear and lively to the point of feeling as if you can hear his voice: prodding, coaching, guiding and inspiring. The author’s own story is pure motivation. Here’s a glimpse into his journey: “Often, I was in my office working until 7:30 p.m. Then, I was up at 4:45 a.m. to check and answer e-mail.”

The end result is that he has accomplished a good livelihood after creating CLIPEZE, a lapel pin for attaching company identification badges. His writing makes it apparent that money has not ruined his zest for living passionately. Don’t, however, think he has not experienced a few downsides in business. Mr. Bronga shares freely the ups and the downs and comes out an ace every time.

“Bringing a Product to Market” is real advice for dreamers who have ideas of doodads rolling around in their minds, but who are gutsy enough to give them real life.

Stacy Lytwyn Maxwell, Author/Book Reviewer   

A Must-Have for the Entrepreneur, May 17, 2010   

Bringing a Product to Market from Your Home: With $500 and an Idea YOU CAN MAKE MILLIONS (Paperback)

“Bringing A Product to Market from Your Home” is an excellent reference for the budding entrepreneur. Mr. Bronga’s no-nonsense approach and easy-to-read style will appeal to anyone who has a great idea for a product and is interested in starting their own business. He offers clear and concise insight into the difficulties involved in every step of the process, from getting the business off the ground, to handling staffing and expansion issues.
While other books might provide some of the same information, Mr. Bronga has assembled all an inventor or new businessman would need to know in one easy-to-use reference. He offers step-by-step guidance, from conception of an idea to production and world-wide marketing in a format that’s both easy to follow and logical. One of the biggest problems I’ve encountered in other business manuals is that the writers often use ten-dollar words when the same thing can be said simpler and more understandably. Mr. Bronga’s style is conversational and appealing, and his personal experience makes this book a must-have for anyone interested in starting their own business.

Persistence, Commitment & Integrity, May 2, 2010   

By Carrol Wolverton (Florida, USA) –

Bringing a Product to Market from Your Home: With $500 and an Idea YOU CAN MAKE MILLIONS (Paperback)

Persistence, Commitment, and Integrity
So titles Chapter 14. Also included are answers to most questions you have about the whole process of producing and marketing a new product. He reminds us that the best inventions and products are often the most simple. Niche markets are good, particularly to start out because the inventor can concentrate on a single group. Who knew that prototype makers and manufacturers abound? Who knew about inventor clubs being a treasure trove of information and help? The more you know up front, the better job you do. This book provides that needed information.
Most important, this author did it – with his Clipeze badge holders that now provide good income. With this book, the mystery is gone, and you know exactly how to tackle each stage of development.

Recommended is keeping your day job as long as possible. Both he and his wife worked tirelessly from his garage as long as possible. Right in line with my Living Cheap & Loving It book, he recommends all sorts of free materials available from listed resources and on the Internet. By operating from home as long as possible, you greatly reduce chances for failure, and most new businesses fail. Yours won’t if you pay attention to this book.

Andrew Wagner, Palm Harbor, FL, April 16, 2010

Bringing a Product to Market from Your Home: With $500 and an Idea YOU CAN MAKE MILLIONS (Paperback)

The book was very easy to read. The book provided a lot of useful information for the person starting up his business, based on personal experiences from the author. I recommend the book highly for any person who is starting up a business. The book provided useful lists of resources I never knew existed. Reading this book can only help a new businessman.

Step-By-Step How-to, March 25, 2010    

By Richard G. Stieglitz “Dick Stieglitz, PhD”

Bringing a Product to Market from Your Home: With $500 and an Idea YOU CAN MAKE MILLIONS (Paperback)

Great read – concise and to the point! The book gave me clear step-by-step instructions on how to make a bundle from bringing a product to market on a shoestring budget. Bronga told me how to do things that I didn’t even know had to be done. If there’s a product idea bouncing around in your head, you’ve got to read this book so you can turn it into a business. The only thing missing from the book was how to sell your business after you’ve built it – but that’s covered in the book “Expensive Mistakes When Buying & Selling a Company.”

An Important Resource For The Home-Based Entrepreneur, July 3, 2010   

By Gary F. Ciesla (Highland Falls, NY) –

This review is from: Bringing a Product to Market from Your Home (Kindle Edition)

Gary Bronga’s book “Bringing a Product to Market From Your Home” is thorough and informative, and can serve as a great resource for anyone starting a home-based business during these tough economic times. Bronga shares his vast personal experience, giving the reader a good sense of the possibilities and perils of owning a business and selling a product from one’s home. Especially notable are the many links he provides for free and helpful information, and the many cautions he gives to prospective entrepreneurs: (Don’t quit your day job until you have a year’s salary in the bank; as much as possible, pay as you go and avoid going into debt, etc.). Starting your own business is a serious matter; it’s not an undertaking for the faint of heart. Bronga’s book lays out a well-marked road map for those who wish to get started on the road to financial independence. If you are serious about starting your own home-based business, you’ll benefit from having this book readily available as a resource. What’s more, it’s likely you’ll read it more than once, as it contains a wealth of practical ideas, helpful information, and time-tested advice that can help you be successful in starting up your own business venture.

Bringing a Product to Market From Your Home, May 20, 2010   

By Michael Monji “Tree Whisperer” (Bakersfield, CA) –

This review is from: Bringing a Product to Market from Your Home (Kindle Edition)

What a fantabulous book. The author has done an excellent job of explaining what is necessary to get your invention or idea to be produced and marketed, and maybe patented. If you are struggling to find the way to produce your invention, then you need this book. Why make the mistakes so many make, when you can find the answers in this book. On a scale of 1 to 5, I give this book a 10. Gary Bronga has shown his system works, because he has the proof to back it up. He has taken his idea with only $500.00 and he has sold over 3 million of his product. Gary, you have accomplished what many have tried to do. Great job.
Michael Monji, author


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