This easy-to-search word choice guide does more than help prevent embarrassment. It adds power to your writing by providing the perfect word when you need it most.

Consider these questions:
• Can “famous” and “notorious” be interchanged?
• Should you use “fewer” or “less” when counting things?
• When is “between” accurate or when is “among” the right choice?

Look ’em up! The answers lie (not lay) in the 350+ WORD TRIPPER pairings. Easy to find, they’re in alphabetical order and easily searched.

With WORD TRIPPERS at your fingertips, you don’t have any:
• fat reference books to contend with
• delays searching through dense dictionaries
• emergency calls to former grammar teachers!

You’ll find that WORD TRIPPERS are:
• easy to find using your “find” feature
• focused on everyday—not obscure—words
• provide examples that clarify, not confuse

EXAMPLE #1: Fewer, less – “Fewer” is used when units or individuals can be counted; less is used with quantities of mass, bulk, or volume. “There are fewer letters to be written today than yesterday.” “The mail takes up less space than I thought it would.” Generally if the word has an “s” at the end, use “fewer” – fewer dollars but less money; fewer muffins but less food.

EXAMPLE #2: Famous, notorious – “Famous” means known widely and favorably, while “notorious” means known widely and unfavorably. “The young actress became famous for her Oscar-nominated role, and then became notorious for her drug use and underage drinking.

WORD TRIPPERS provides precise word usage for writers in many fields, including:
• Authors and speakers
• Administrative assistants
• Court reporters
• Teachers and students
• Business communicators and leaders

WORD TRIPPERS features two built-in bonuses: “10 Top Techniques to Improve Your Writing” and “Whack Wordiness.”

Writers of all kinds look to Barbara McNichol to add power to their pen as a professional editor of business books, articles, and marketing materials. Her Word Trippers word choice guide helps them prevent gremlins from affecting (or is it effecting?) their writing.

As a result, they’re able to more clearly convey their messages and avoid tarnishing their credibility and image as professionals.

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