Whether you’re a caretaker of your ill or paralyzed spouse… A parent who has suffered the heartbreak of a child’s death. . . A couple who’s feeling the effects of work stress or bankruptcy… Someone who has had your home destroyed in a flood, tornado, hurricane or fire. . . A cancer patient frustrated your spouse isn’t providing all the support you need. . . A couple trying to regain trust after infidelity. . . .

The ten couples featured in The Indestructible Relationship—an ebook about couples who have endured the death of a child, bankruptcy, natural disasters, infidelity, illness, work stress, the death of a parent and more—know what you’re going through and can help you and your significant other overcome your own personal challenge. Their life lessons can help the two of you regain a deeper sense of peace and love for each other than you’ve ever felt before. After reading The Indestructible Relationship, you’ll know you’re not alone. Other couples have faced similar traumas and share many of the same feelings you have experienced and endure many of your same emotional challenges. The real-life stories in this ebook will resonate with you, make you realize your feelings are normal, give you hope that if their relationships can survive tough times, yours can too.

In my research for this book I noticed that couples who have been through a major trauma—and it didn’t matter whether it was the death of a child, one member of the couple battling cancer, having a home suffer severe flood damage, or going through work stress or bankruptcy—have certain things in common, certain ways of coping with their personal traumas that helped them come out on the other side with their relationship actually having emerged stronger after their tragedies.

Here’s what people are saying about The Indestructible Relationship:

“The Indestructible Relationship is a great concept for a book. After the death of our child, I found it was very helpful to talk with, or read about, others who had been through a similar experience. It is very reassuring to know much of what you go through is normal, although it certainly doesn’t feel like it at the time. I liked the use of interviews with couples in The Indestructible Relationship. It made the subject matter more real and kept it from being ‘dry instructional.’ ”
–Rachael, mother whose child died from sudden infant death syndrome

“I read the first few pages of The Indestructible Relationship and I was hooked. I was fascinated by the ways these couples kept their relationships strong. When I think about how many couples I know that divorce, it amazed me how these couples managed to stick together through thick and thin. I learned a lot from these poignant stories.”
–Ann LaRoue, a mother in Florida

“Life isn’t tidy. Ordinary and extraordinary experiences can put relationships to the test. By sharing real stories, The Indestructible Relationship provides lessons and insights that will help couples find strength and encouragement to help them address their own challenges.”
–Pamela Tsigdinos, Author of Silent Sorority: A (Barren) Woman Gets Busy, Angry, Lost and Found

The Indestructible Relationship is a different kind of relationships book. The book dramatically portrays each couple’s crisis as if you’re reliving the event with them and then shows you the techniques they used to weather the storm—techniques you can use in your relationship. While this book can’t take away the trauma you and your spouse went through, it can give you a greater sense of peace.

I’m now donating $1 from each ebook sold to The Compassionate Friends, a non-profit helping families who have experienced a child’s death.

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