Make it Happen by Lorii Myers THE 18 HOLE SUMMARY

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3 Off the Tee: Make it Happen by Lorii Myers
3 Off the Tee: Make it Happen by Lorii Myers

The 18 hole summary

3 Off the Tee:  Make it Happen by Lorii Myers

Make it Happen tips for an extraordinary life:
The 1st Hole—Enable awareness:
No matter where you are in life, raising your awareness will take you
one  giant leap forward toward achieving what you want in life.

The 2nd Hole—Put yourself first:
Prioritize your needs and wants. Strengthen your mental acumen,
flex your positivity muscle, and take your best shot in life.

The 3rd Hole—Be your own person:
Believe in yourself and develop and hone your integrity.
Remove the temptation to settle for anything less than what you deserve.

The 4th Hole—Revisit your mental-stability boot camp:
Find your focus by seeking all that is good in your life.
Let go of negative experiences from your past.

The 5th Hole—Gain insight; focus on self-discovery:
Examine your dominant traits, both positive and negative,
and focus on where you need to improve.

The 6th Hole—The make-it-happen quotient:
Up your likeability factor by embracing the top ten make-it-happen traits.

The 7th Hole—Obliterate the blame card:
Eradicate blame and negative thought patterns so you are free to focus
on succeeding. Take responsibility for everything in your life.

The 8th Hole—Become unstoppable:
Self-mentor to keep yourself on track, and be ready with
a recovery shot when you make a bad play.

The 9th Hole—Define your make-it-happen quest:
Define “it,” your make-it-happen quest, make an action plan, and prepare to act on it.

The 10th Hole—Use “near-life” experiences:
Use life-altering experiences to create positive urgency.
Acknowledge that tough times often bring out the best in us.

The 11th Hole—Hone your internal reconnaissance:
Use immediate, intuitive feelings and your own internal reconnaissance
to cultivate fresh, more accurate thought patterns.

The 12th Hole—Make some risky decisions:
Follow your dreams by pushing yourself to take calculated, moderate risks.

The 13th Hole—Cultivate creative license:
Take a creative approach to life and never give up on a genuinely good idea.

The 14th Hole—Can the chaos, cull the herd:
Remove as much drama from your life as possible.
Gravitate toward those who bring positivity to your life.

The 15th Hole—Communicate with sincerity and enthusiasm:
Keep communications open and enjoyable.  Smile when you breathe.

The 16th Hole—Create something tangible:
Develop your personal legacy by creating something tangible in your life.
Become an advocate and share your passion with the world.

The 17th Hole—Rewrite your action script:
Use each stage of your life as an action script to successfully start over
—practice saying yes to the world.

The 18th Hole—Develop an impetus to succeed:
Revisit your make-it-happen action plan occasionally to ensure you are
still gaining momentum in building an extraordinary life


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