The Genius Gene

On June 30, 2011, in Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Paranormal - Fiction, by Howard Birnberg

Einstein, Newton, DaVinci. The names are synonymous with genius; however, is genius nurtured or does nature provide it? In the fictional scientific thriller, The Genius Gene, young geneticist Catherine Fox has the surprising answer. She has discovered a source of genius in our genes. Unfortunately, her former mentor and spurned lover, Nobel Prize-winning geneticists, Stephen Yates would do anything to obtain her confidential research. Backed by greedy pharmaceutical companies, Yates has become corrupt and he wants to engineer the genius gene into the unborn children of wealthy parents. The time is the mid-21st century and Stephen has established clinics to design the genome of children according to their parents’ preferences. Catherine calls these offspring, ‘Frankenstein children’ and she fears the creation of a master race. Her research may make this possible and she struggles to prevent Yates from learning the workings of the genius gene. Unknown to Catherine, there are other secrets to protect. On the eve of crucial hearings on legalizing Yates’ process, he vanishes and Catherine becomes a suspect in his disappearance.


Midwest Book Review: “As science takes control of our genetics, what lies (ahead) for the next step of humanity’s evolution. “The Genius Gene” looks at this very real possibility through the scope of science fiction, and the fear that the next evolution will lead to homo sapiens’ eradication in favor of something faster, stronger, smarter. “The Genius Gene” asks these questions with a riveting novel, serving as the first entry into the Catherine Fox Trilogy, and makes for a very highly recommended read. ” (blog): “This is a disturbing book about gene manipulation and abuse…The premise of the story is a genius gene discovered by Catherine Fox in an archaeological dig where she finds (the) ruins of an ancient civilization advanced beyond its time. She is involved with Stephen Yates, an abusive man that is something of a neo-nazi that wants to use the gene on rich peoples’ kids…this book has some great ideas…I hope the author continues to hone his skill and write more because his ideas have potential.” by Connie: “This novel is reminiscent of Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code. The author creates a compelling mystery that spans past and present, fact and fiction. (The) novel is insightful, prophetic and certainly thought provoking. It is pure entertainment and definitely a must read!” by Susan: “Fabulous! Very entertaining. A page-turner. Birnberg has a knack for writing in detail resulting in the reader’s complete immersion in the story. I can’t wait to read the complete trilogy!” by Cecilia J: “This book is a gripping read, combining science, ethics and mystery all in one. Mr. Birnberg does a terrific job of giving the reader enough information to grasp complex ideas and craftfully creates characters up and down the spectrum of human ethics. An unexpected twist toward the end leaves one waiting with great anticipation for the second book of the trilogy!!”

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