Are you driving more (or less) and enjoying it less?
Many of us are, and we’ve had just about enough of it!
Is the stress and strain of dealing with traffic getting on your nerves?
Do you suffer from aggressive driving in yourself or others?
Or worry about galloping road rage and those awful drivers?
Would you like to be happier out there on the road?
Or at least a little less miserable?

Well, yes you can become a happier, healthier, safer driver with The Rider Method and its companion 8 step program. Riders on the Road (How to Laugh More and Rage Less with The Rider Method) combines a humorous look at the world we drive in with a bundle of sensible advice, and oh by the way, shows you how to laugh your driving cares away. The second edition is filled with more entertaining stories, provocative questions and smart driving pointers for regular drivers like you and me. Whether you’re a wolf or a lamb on the road, this book’s for you.

Billions and billions of miles!
Eight billion to be exact, give or take a few million. Yes, we American motorists spend well over 100 million hours together on the road every single day.

No wonder we’re getting sick and tired of each other!

Riders on the Road can help, by showing you how to transform scowls, curses and rude gestures into smiles, cheery waves and a dose of hearty laughter with The Rider Method.

Is it rocket science? No
Is it revolutionary? Not really
Is it easy? Very
Does it work? Absolutely!

Riders will entertain you with an irreverent, lighthearted look at the amazing variety of ridiculous behavior going on out there on the road, as it delivers practical lessons in safe, civilized driving habits. You’ll discover how much happier we all can be when we share a few laughs with our fellow motorists while we let go of our crabbier, more self-destructive ways and follow a new path to driving sanity.

Message from the author
Are you having trouble believing that’s possible? I can’t blame you; I’d have felt the same way myself a few years ago, but it’s true. So although I am neither a professional driver nor a trained psychologist, I can help. By sharing the secrets of perfect driving? Heavens, no! Who among us knows those? Frankly, I’m not even sure they exist. What I can share is the secret of learning to live with my own driving imperfections, and yours too, and theirs. Sure, by the time you’re my age, you may have figured it out by yourself anyway, but why wait, when you can ditch the stress and drive happier right now?
You think you’re a good driver, don’t you? Sure, me too. And we’re right. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still learn a thing or two. My Dad the professional driver taught me that, and I have orders to pass it along to you. Riders on the Road is more than a book; it’s a mission: to make driving less infuriating and more fun for all of us. And to cause accident rates, blood pressure readings and the number of violent road rage incidents and tension headaches to start falling everywhere. Hey, what are we waiting for? Let’s get going!
Happy Reading, Happy Driving, and a Cheery Rider Wave to you all!
(Please note: the Cheery Rider Wave uses all fingers, not just one!)

About the Author
Patricia Rider Bermon is not a professional driver. Ask any of her passengers! But that doesn’t mean she lacks familiarity with the world of driving. Far from it. Patricia brings to the subject more years than she’s admitting to of experience behind the wheel in 44 states, 15 countries and a variety of languages. She volunteers as a driver safety instructor, and listens gladly to endless road stories and complaints, from the Rider family truckers to a husband and friends who are, shall we say, different drivers! They have opened her eyes to what life on the road looks like from other points of view, and supplied a rich assortment of clues that revealed the secrets of The Rider Method – secrets she is happy to share with you.

Readers Favorite review:
It seems I am on the road more and more and enjoying it less and less. Drivers are dangerous and rude. Patricia Rider Bermon shares do’s and dont’s of driving. While you are snickering at some of them you might take a look at your own road etiquette. Riders On The Road is a hilarious book that you won’t be able to lay down until the last page. It is a fast read filled with much truth. You will ponder the message long after closing the cover to this book. I know several people that would benefit from reading this book. It would make an excellent gift. Not only is this book entertaining it is informative.


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