On July 6, 2011, in Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Paranormal - Fiction, by Katie W Stewart

For Jakan, saving his people means leaving the forest. Leaving the forest means death.

Shared Emptiness

On July 6, 2011, in Popular Literature - Fiction, by John Brinling

A look into the harrowing despair of a middle-class family tormented beyond endurance by a mindless act of violence.

The Dawning (A Novel of Mystery and Suspense)

On June 30, 2011, in Popular Literature - Fiction, by Linda_Pendleton

Intriguing, suspenseful novel, UFOs, coverup, murder..The Dawning by Linda Pendleton

Pilate's Cross

True college murders inspired #thriller #ebook Pilate’s Cross: a story of mystery, adventure, smart alecks and imaginary friends.

What Kind of Man…

On June 20, 2011, in Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Paranormal - Fiction, by Greenberry Baxter

A preposterous, mysterious and passion-filled ride!
Not your regular kind of ghost story!

The Golden Daffodils

On June 13, 2011, in Children's Picture Books - Fiction, by Liam Maher

The Golden Daffodils, wonderful kids adventure story picture book about a hoopoe, a flower show and leprechauns.

Triple Mayhem

On June 13, 2011, in Mystery/Suspense/Thriller - Fiction, by Michael_James Stewart

As a trilogy, Triple Mayhem chronicles three of the quixotic murder-mystery-solving challenges of the exceedingly wealthy Faison Quay VI. In allowing these stories to be told, Faison Quay granted unlimited access to confidential files, recordings, family, friends and staff involved in those events.

Readers will meet people from all levels of society: the highest of the lowest; the lowest of the highest; and, everything in between. Some of the people possess incredible power and use it wisely; while others abuse their power and will do anything to maintain the status quo. Many will impress, amaze and amuse with their grace, humour, talent and dedication; while others will disgust, repel and appal with their greed, lack of moral turpitude and shameless disregard for life.

Intricate challenges faced by Faison, reveal details of the everyday life lived by the Quay household, as well as the working environment of some of the employees of Key Holdings International. Hopefully, these details will add to the reader’s enjoyment, as they enter a world, until now, shared by only a very select coterie of people.

When friends call upon Faison to help extricate them from serious charges, in many instances murder, Faison unhesitatingly throws his entire resources, including intellectual, financial, a broad and highly-placed international friendship base, and immense staff, behind the challenge. As Faison Quay VI has averred, on numerous occasions, “Money is no object when murder is at stake.”


On June 13, 2011, in Best eBook Cover - Other, by Aaron Lazar

What would you do if your country church was hit by a rogue tornado during services? What if the shrieking winds unearthed the bones of a missing parishioner in a nearby wheat field? Now add the discovery of heroin in your elderly minister’s bloodstream. When Gus LeGarde is thrown into the middle of the mess, […]

Legacy of the Tropics

On May 25, 2011, in Mystery/Suspense/Thriller - Fiction, by Mary_Deal

Stories that shatter the myths of stereotypical islands of paradise; a rewrite, expansion and dramatization of the 5-Star novel, “The Tropics,” where two women fall prey to nature’s wrath during inclement tropical weather, face death at sea, and are tested to the limits of survival.   In “Promises,” during the late 1960s, the ketch, Mercy, […]

Write it Right – Tips for Authors, Volume I

On May 25, 2011, in Reference - Non-Fiction, by Mary_Deal

Write it Right – Tips for Authors, Vol. I, written and compiled by an award-winning novelist, is a major source of information for breathing life into your prose. Learn how to polish your work with a collection of extraordinary tips and examples for making your writing the best that it can be. In writing your […]

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